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Welcome to my blog, Garden for Your Life! This site will be mostly about my garden, but you can build one just like it in your back yard too. It can be bigger or smaller, just get out and do it. You can do it for fun. Your can do it for your health. You can do it for fresh food in these troubled times. The point is to get out and do it for whatever reason that you need.

Over time I will cover topics like canning and preserving your harvest, soil and beds, bugs, what to plant and when, and much more.

I've been working on this garden on mine and improving on it for over five years now. I will continue doing that for many more. You can too, just get out and do it.


Sunday, October 23, 2016

spring crop winding down and in with the fall/winter

Howdy y'all,

Its been a while since I posted here.  I didn't even post a summer blog, but still a lot of folks from all over the world are looking at my past blogs.  Thank you.  This years summer crop was a mixed bag.  It got hot early and stayed hot.  My tomatoes did poorly.  My Peppers, peanuts, and egg plants did great.  All my squash got killed by the squash bugs.

So I replanted the squash in late summer and they are doing great!

Here's my pickles in the front and spaghetti squash in the back.  Both have a lot of fruit growing on them.

one of the cute little cuc's

and a spaghetti looking good

it's not summer, but the summer squash is doing good!

stir fry tonight!
here's the butternut doing just fine.

 Now for the winter crops
two varieties of Chinese cabbages. I'll add some from seed soon.

Front to back, 2 Brussel sprouts, 2 cauliflower, 8 collards.

a full bed of broccoli!

Meet Smokie!  He's a new American Chinchilla rabbit.  Ge's in quarantine for a couple more weeks. then i'll introduce him to the ladies.
I also have a bed of lettuces to be put under cold frames as well as the chinese cabbages for when the frost gets here.  It should be a good winter here.  The Farmers Almanac predicts a mild winter here.  When the cold does hit i'll let the squash beds be empty till spring.