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Welcome to my blog, Garden for Your Life! This site will be mostly about my garden, but you can build one just like it in your back yard too. It can be bigger or smaller, just get out and do it. You can do it for fun. Your can do it for your health. You can do it for fresh food in these troubled times. The point is to get out and do it for whatever reason that you need.

Over time I will cover topics like canning and preserving your harvest, soil and beds, bugs, what to plant and when, and much more.

I've been working on this garden on mine and improving on it for over five years now. I will continue doing that for many more. You can too, just get out and do it.


Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Updated winter garden

 Howdy Ya'll'

The election is done and so is my winter garden, as far as the plantings.  I still have a few beds to clean out and sow clover in them.

Here's how it looks.  My herbs will get a cold frame when needed.  The New Farmers Almanac is saying a mild winter for us this year.  They're more right than our 'mainstream' weather people.

Here are my large pots to place at the ends of my garden.  i still have to plant two Ginger and two Turmeric when they get here from Hawaii.

Two large pots of Purple Sage in the back and two Oregano in the front

Two large pots of rosemary and a Stevia plant getting ready to flower

My Lemon Grass in a large 3' pot.
Then there is my small pots all in one bed. the little plants sprouting up are clover.
two types of balm, onion chives, garlic chives thyme, marjoram, chamomile, and basil

lastly my pineapple sage in bloom.  soon yo be trimmed and carrots added

Now for the main beds for the winter.

a nice bed of broccoli. My rabbits just love those big leaves

L to R.  brussel sprouts, cauliflower, and collards

Curley leaf kale sprouting up

nasturtiums just for the bunnies.  flowers go to new moms.
a bed of Chinese cabbage in the front and lettuce in the back
new cabbage and lettuce popping up in the middle of each bed.

have a nice winter!  Ken

Oops, i forgot to add the latest batch of rabbits from last week.  5 American Chinchillas